Inspection and Maintenance


Testing, calibration and diagnostic solutions for all elements of your electricity network

Whether you need a rapid response or a long-term program, Mondo can inspect, assess, monitor and protect your assets from the ground up.

With decades of experience under our belts, our solutions are streamlined, cost-effective and timely. For you—and your customers—that means a safe, reliable network both now and in the future.

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Analysis, Testing & Calibration

We offer independent advice regarding the condition of assets. Mondo has no affiliations with
transformer manufactures or oil treatment/refurbishment operators.

To further ensure accurate results, we offer your team with training on sampling techniques and we can provide special sampling kits for sample collection.

HV Asset Testing

Mondo provides a wide range of testing services on Medium (MV) to High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) power cables and accessories.

Some of our testing services include
  • Commissioning/Pre-commissioning
  • Condition assessments
  • VLF/VLF-PD test
  • Sheath Integrity test
  • Fault Location
  • Phasing & Continuity checks
  • Impedance measurements and more.

A power transformer is a critical high value piece of equipment requiring thorough inspection and testing during manufacturing, installation, and commissioning stages.

Electrical testing can reveal manufacturing and design defects, internal deficiencies, damage or risk from transportation and onsite assembly.

Factory testing and on-site acceptance establishes baseline data for future testing and asset life management.

We offer a complete range of High Voltage diagnostic, pre-commissioning and condition monitoring testing of electrical plant up to 500kV.

The majority of electrical failures of electrical plant can be traced to insulation failure or breakdown. Only by establishing baseline data and performing regular periodic tests can trending data be post analysed to determine true indications of the insulation and plant condition.

Condition monitoring assessment of inservice transformers generally comprise of tests designed to identify degradation of dielectric paths due to thermal overload, ageing, moisture and mechanical wear and
vibration. The type of asset, age, condition, location, utilisation, loading and adopted asset management strategy, typically determines the frequency of periodic testing.

Electrical assets that are failing have a range of different characteristics that can be captured using a variety of hand-held and vehicle mounted sensors.

Our non-invasive testing services include
  • Corona
  • Thermographic survey (infrared)
  • PD airborne acoustic
  • Ultrasonic scanning
  • SF6 leak detection

Aerial Inspection

If you need a bird’s eye view of your assets, we’ve got it covered. We provide manned and unmanned aerial inspection platforms including helicopters, fixed-wing UAVs and propeller drones.

Our unmanned craft are ideal for inspecting conductors, cross arms, towers and easements in semi-urban environments.

Our fleet of helicopters are perfect for inspection of vast networks and make it possible to inspect hundreds of poles in a single day, uncovering defects and failures which would not be observable from the ground.

Mobile workforce management

Mondo’s mobile workforce management system, FMC, will help you manage maintenance crews more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

You can plan, allocate, review and modify work allocation in real time. Workers can enter data in the field, improving accuracy and reporting. FMC is also device agnostic which minimises the cost of rolling it out.

Productivity and accuracy, up. Costs and confusion, down.

Metering solutions for networks

Mondo tailors metering solutions for electricity authorities, energy retailers, consultants and large commercial and industrial customers.

As well as installation, maintenance and testing we are experienced in mass replacement programs and outage services. We can provide a complete planning, sourcing, installation, maintenance and audit service, or we can design a sub-metering and energy monitoring system for a specific requirement.

Our solutions are robust and can be scaled to any requirement. Above all they are designed to help you extract valuable information from your network so that you can be more efficient and find new sources of value for your customers.

Condition monitoring

Mondo offers diagnostic testing and condition monitoring of transformers, cables, switchgear and materials both in the field and in our laboratory.

Transformers, generators, motors and switchgears

Our engineers can identify manufacturing and design defects, internal deficiencies, damage from transportation and on-site assembly in transformers or carry out non-invasive testing of electrical plant.


Mondo is accredited by NATA to calibrate test equipment and instruments both in our lab and on site. We can also carry out earthgrid testing, impulse testing to 160 kV and testing of transformers.

Chemical analysis

Mondo’s laboratory offers a range of services in oil and gas chemical analysis for diagnostic testing and condition monitoring programmes. Our analyses include dissolved gas analysis, oil colour and appearance, water content and acidity, interfacial tension, sediment and sludge, and particle profiles.

Cable testing

Mondo conducts a range of tests on power cables and underground cable systems to identify faults, assess condition and for field commissioning. Our testing services include very low frequency testing, oscillating wave test system, frequency domain spectroscopy, time domain reflectometry, partial discharge testing and high voltage AC testing.

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