You need to keep the electricity flowing for your customers

Mondo is about empowering you to do that with a network that is smart, effective and, above all, safe.

We have decades of experience looking after both transmission and distribution networks. Whether you are building new infrastructure, or maintaining your network, Mondo’s solutions help you manage your assets, remain compliant and find new value for your customers.


Design, build, own, operate

Whether it’s high-voltage transmission connections, grid-scale energy storage, world-leading asset monitoring and digital mapping, or workforce management, we do it all.


Network intelligence

Our data and asset mapping services will help you manage risks, minimise costs and deliver value to your customers.


Inspection and maintenance

Whether you need a rapid response or a long-term program, Mondo can inspect, assess, monitor and protect your assets from the ground up.


Vegetation management

Make sure your network is safe and compliant with Mondo’s complete vegetation management solution.

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