Supporting energy resilience and the uptake of renewables in Australian communities.

What is an Ubi?™

Stay up to date on how much electricity you are consuming, generating and storing, so you can understand and control your usage. Ubi is also the foundation for community mini-grids and energy sharing.

What is a Mini-Grid?

A mini-grid, sometimes called a virtual power plant, connects networks of homes and businesses together so that they can generate, store and share energy with each other.

Energy Hubs & Projects

Developed in collaboration with Shire Councils, local businesses, community groups and government agencies. These initiatives benefit the region’s economy, community, environment and tourism.

Stand-alone Power Systems

Providing reliable, sustainable and secure off-grid power supply for customers in remote locations.

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Not just powering communities, empowering them.

We believe Australia has a bright energy future, and helping Australians understand what’s possible is the first step to getting there.

Mondo is a pioneer in bringing together homes and businesses to generate and share energy.

We designed and built Ubi, the smart energy monitoring and management system, to connect communities and empower them to get the most out of local renewable energy sources, like solar systems and battery storage. Ubi also provides the capability for surplus energy to be shared with neighbours, local businesses or even schools, hospitals, and community organisations.

Mondo can assist in decreasing dependence on energy sourced from fossil fuels by using the existing network to generate, store and share renewable electricity.

Our Vision for Energy Hubs

We see a bright future where communities everywhere use local resources and infrastructure to achieve their energy goals.

An energy hub is our model for doing exactly that.

Using current network infrastructure, new and existing solar systems and batteries—and Ubi —a community can generate, store and share its own energy. Excess energy can be used for local community needs or to create new sources of economic value for a region.

Along with solar systems and battery storage across several energy clusters, we are developing exciting opportunities such as hydrogen conversion, waste to energy, and electric vehicle charging networks.

Our Energy Hub projects are developed in collaboration with Shire Councils, local businesses, community groups and government agencies. These pioneering initiatives have far reaching benefits for the region’s economy, local employment, the community, the environment and tourism.


Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System (PICESS)

We’re supporting peak demand and helping minimise carbon emissions for Phillip Island.

Energy Hubs and Projects

Hume Energy Hub

Mondo is pioneering a new energy and economic model in Hume in partnership with Shire Councils, local businesses, community groups and government agencies.

Energy Hubs and Projects

Barwon Community Energy Hub

Mondo and Deakin University are working with community groups in Barwon to explore how the region can transition to 100% renewable energy.

Safety is a way of life at Mondo

At Mondo, safety is a way of life. Everyone is responsible for leading safety.
Our leading value is ‘We work safely’. We never compromise on safety and we genuinely care for the well being of people and our communities.

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