Energy Generation

Energy generation with integrated smart technology

Trusted Guidance

Our experts will conduct an analysis of your site and electricity bill to determine the most economic solar system for you, then guide you through the process – from installation to system support.

You’re in good hands – Mondo is a trusted industry leader with strong installer and manufacturer partnerships.

Monitoring & Control

Every solar system includes our Mondo Platform and Ubi® technology – offering your business near real-time energy data online, with integrated energy reporting.

Mondo Ubi® offers active monitoring and control your assets – even allowing you to turn them on/off remotely, or automatically based on your rules. 

Quality Systems & Installation

All of our recommended solar system components are sourced from the world’s most reputable suppliers, are backed by full warranties, and are installed by our trusted installation partners.

Following install, your energy system is also monitored daily by Mondo to ensure performance and return on investment.

Transition to renewable energy

More than solar

While solar may be your first step, we can make sure that you’re ready for the next, and the next.

Mondo is a trusted energy solutions provider for Major Universities and Manufacturers. We deliver projects designed to save energy costs utilising the latest technology – all while helping you transition to sustainable energy and identifying future revenue streams.


Save money

start saving straight away

By choosing a Power Purchase agreement pricing option (see below) you can start saving money immediately, with no upfront costs.

respond to market events

Included with every system is our monitoring and management device, Mondo Ubi®, which gives you the ability to respond to high prices in near real-time by powering down operations, or by switching to stored energy to avoid high electricity prices.

hints & alerts

Receive helpful hints and alerts via SMS or email to notify you of peak demand charges, energy consumption, maintenance requirements or market events.

Data and reporting

Near Real-time Data 

You’ll get access to our Mondo Portal, which gives you instant access to your energy data via any web-connected device. Read, collate, visualise and analyse energy across sites and assets where an Ubi device is installed.

Sustainability & Financial Reporting

Detailed energy data, summaries and trends give you clarity at the click of a button.

Optimal system sizing

load profile analysis

Mondo will analyse your existing usage and design a system that will meet your energy goals – ensuring that you only install a system that makes economic sense.

Export limiting

Our energy management system means that you can install the optimal system size for your premises regardless of local exporting limits.

Choose a purchase option that’s right for your business

Purchase Upfront

Get a quality solar system installed by a trusted partner.

Our team of industry leading experts will help you through the whole process of designing and installing a solar system which is right for your business. We handle all the tricky bits like connecting you up to the grid, metering issues and can help you with any rebates you may be eligible for – you just get on with running your business. We’ll be available whenever you need us for maintenance or other questions.

Power Purchase Agreement

Lock in a guaranteed price on your power regardless of energy prices. 

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, is an agreement to purchase electricity generated by a solar system installed at your premises or even somewhere else for an agreed price over a pre-determined period. In simple terms, a PPA can give you all of the benefits of owning your own solar system without the burden of purchasing upfront. Mondo® will maintain and manage the system throughout the term.

Solar Lease

Pay a fixed monthly fee for a commercial solar system.

By leasing from us you will benefit from all the advantages of having a solar system installed at your business without having to pay large upfront capital costs. You pay a fixed monthly amount for your solar system and Mondo® will maintain and manage the solar system for the life of the agreement. Leases can provide clarity of, and smooth your energy expenses through time, helping your business more easily manage cash flow.

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Want to learn more? Request a call from our experts to discover how your business can benefit from solar.

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