Clean Mobility
Clean Mobility & Fleet electrification

Every fleet is different.
Every fleet electrification is different.

The transition to clean mobility is a transformation of a system, not just of technology. We provide an End-to-end “Solution Integration” for vehicle fleet electrification.

We help you:

  • With all stages of the process of electrifying your fleet.
  • Reduce the cost of fleet electrification.
  • Fully integrate with your operations.
  • Create a future-proofed solution.

Why choose us?

Whether you run trucks, buses or other commercial vehicles, if you’re looking at electrifying your fleet there are countless things to consider. 

Our proven specialists provide complete peace of mind at all stages of the process to ensure you can make informed decisions to ensure your fleet electrification is successful – operationally, technically, and financially. 

Energy Price Security

We are able to design, deploy and manage energy infrastructure, on-site generation, and energy management solutions to provide energy price security for your operations.

  • Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) an Energy-as-a-Service products can secure EV “fuel” pricing for years into the future.
  • Multiple financing options including choices for $0 upfront.

Advanced energy management platform

Designed and manufactured in Australia Ubi provides a single point of reference for all energy data including solar, battery and grid usage – whether you have one site or hundreds.

Mondo Ubi™ Management Platform provides:

  • Near real-time energy monitoring.
  • Single or aggregated multi-site data.
  • Downloadable historic data to see trends.
  • Enable financial and sustainability reporting.
  • Identify irregular or abnormal consumption patterns.

Flexible and Vendor Agnostic

  • We can work with your preferred vendors, or use our network of tier-1 pre-approved vendors to deploy the best solutions for your project(s).
  • The flexibility to work across all credible industry suppliers and providers means we are able to move fast with industry technology developments.

An end-to-end EV fleet system

Our industry-leading design, project management, delivery and construction, and operations and services teams are able to deliver on a holistic, end-to-end solution for your projects.

Whether we lead projects or work in with existing project leadership, we work flexibly with your existing partners/vendors and internal teams.

Low risk

Choosing us as your fleet-charging partner means lower risk for you, your projects and operations.

  • Mondo is part of an enterprise with more than 100 years of energy infrastructure operations experience.
  • We build, own, operate and maintain assets worth over a billion dollars.
  • We have a proven track record in delivering complex projects.
  • We are here for the future – safe, stable operation of assets is in our DNA.

Electricity networks are what we do

We are best-placed to help navigate your grid connection process smoothly and ensure the best outcomes for your fleet premises.

  • We provide energy solutions to thousands of businesses across Australia
  • We understand how to optimise for lowest cost energy, including network and retail costs, and self-generation such as on-site solar, battery and conventional generation.

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