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Market growth

The market for these devices is in hospitals (both private and public) where there is an acute post-operative need for the control of blood pressure is in intensive care, cardiac care, neuro-surgery, recovery wards or other high dependency bed areas. Collectively these account for nearly 10% of hospital beds in both private and public hospitals.

Current Projects

Adaptive Patient Controlled Analgesia enables a patient to control the administration of analgesia to control postoperative pain. This device provides the patient with the option of ten buttons ranging from low to high. In addition, at the higher levels, a background infusion is activated. The background infusion adapts the patients pattern of paind control requirements and tries to obviate the need for patient input. The system is weighted towards weaning the patient off the drugs leading to faster recovery and less side effects.

Product Benefits
Reasons for the adoption of Mondo Medical devices are:

  1. The opportunity to reduce staff costs and pressure,
  2. Accuracy of treatment
  3. Reduction in exposure to litigation
  4. Continuous monitoring
  5. The ageing of the world wide population requiring more ICU/CCU high dependency beds,
  6. Continuing problems with drug administration,
  7. Once adopted, unlikely to be restricted in use, and,
  8. The reduction in medication
Project Technical Risk
Modo devices typically interact with the physiology of the patient by non-invasive electronic means. The aim of the research is to overcome the uncertainty and risk that could lead to such consequences as overdose, patient sensitivity, mis-prescription and to reduce the amount of manual attention.

The innovation in these projects is in the software algorithm that controls the actions of the hardware. An effective closed loop has to be achieved, where the program responds and adapts to information obtained directly from the patientís body. This requires that such areas as accuracy of interpretation and consequent action are consistent and able to cover a diverse and complex range. The re-writing and verification of this program is expected to be relatively routine in concept but the software structure needs to be robust and contain the appropriate audit and self analysis trails.

PTL 2000 Pressure Transducer Leveller

Provides accuracy for setting pressure transducers at the correct level in critically ill patients. This will help provide a greater chance of accurate blood pressure readings in the ICU environment

Product benefits

  1. Provides accurate level readings irrespective of patients position
  2. Reduces time
  3. Increases accuracy
  4. Constant monitoring


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