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Unlike conventional PCA systems, the new Mondo Adaptive PCA system features a pain rating scale, allowing analgesic pain relief to more closely match the pain received by the patient.
Conventional PCA systems have become an acceptable part of post operative care with patient comfort the principle reason for their development.

The Mondo Adaptive PCA system is a further refinement and offers new and unique levels of patient control to complement existing PCA pumps.

In the past it has been difficult to predict what level of pain a patient may experience or tolerate. Even more difficult to determine is the patient’s tolerance to the analgesic or the likelihood of side effects.

Medical staff have had to make those decisions for patients and therefore prescribe conservatively. Today the Mondo Adaptive PCA allows the patient to take charge of their own pain control on a far more precise ‘sliding scale’ attuned to their direct feedback from any pain. This is especially critical during the first six hours following surgery.

“Designed from the patient’s perspective”

By using patient inputs and unique algorithms, the Mondo Adaptive PCA closely matches the ideal pain relief level as required.

The heart of the Mondo Adaptive PCA system is a specially designed microprocessor controlled handset. The patient is able to rate their pain intensity using the handset. Based on these levels and the frequency of requests, algorithms encoded into the handset software trigger commands to an infusion pump. The system quickly adjusts the background infusion rate to deliver an analgesic bolus. After a short period of use a specialised delivery program is established that will respond to additional pain relief requests, or diminish over time.

Mondo has developed the handset to be intuitive, safe and easy to use. It is designed to be ergonomic to hold for young and old people. The main keypad provides a scale of ten levels (for mild to severe pain) for users to nominate their own perceived pain. Visual and aural feedback and a separate OK button provides an opportunity to confirm or change the level selected. The handset is also designed to be used at night in dimly lit rooms.

“Simple and safe comfort control”

The new Mondo Adaptive PCA has been specifically designed from the point of view of the patient. It safely allows patients to determine their own pain relief level. The opportunity to experience severe pain or side effects because of over or under medication, is minimised as patients input the frequency and level of pain demands. The result is a closer match of serum opioid levels corresponding to the patient’s time related pain curve which scientific papers suggest improves recovery. *

* Acute Pain Manangement Guideline Level, “Acute Pain Management: Operative or medical procedures and Trauma. Clinical Practice Guideline.”, AHCPR Pub. No. 92-0032, Rockville, MD: Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Feb 1992.

“Eliminate the pain gap”

Medical staff are now able to provide superior levels of care with more accurate pain measurement. For doctors and pain specialists, existing PCA systems demand difficult estimates of patient pain when setting infusion rate and bolus size.

These estimates can be even more difficult considering patient age, gender, tolerance and procedure. Typically infusion rates may be set conservatively to avoid uncomfortable side effects or risky over dosage. This produces a pain gap in periods of high demand which a patient must tolerate until the doctor intervenes. (see chart - Matched pain curve using Adaptive PCA)

The Mondo Adaptive PCA system allows doctors and pain specialists to set the upper safe dosage limit for a patient and let the patient determine the frequency and bolus size according to need. Furthermore, patients can set their analgesia level for occasional painful procedures (such as dressing changes or physiotherapy), thereby making them more comfortable and manageable.

Complete system customisation to control variables (such as ceiling levels, preset criteria or discontinuance levels) is possible using Windows based software.

Infusion Pump DiagramBy using patient inputs and unique algorithms, the Mondo Adaptive PCA closely matches the ideal pain relief level as required.
“No more over or under medication”

As well as delivering better patient comfort, hospitals investing in the Mondo Adaptive PCA system will also gain medical staff resource benefits and hospital management efficiencies. Medical staff time is greatly reduced due to the self-regulating nature of the system. Many issues about over or under medication are resolved by this system by vesting control and responsibility with the patient.


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